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Bishop Couzens talks to Roland Martin

‘I Didn’t Leave With Anything I Could Stand On’ Bishop Couzens On Meeting With Donald Trump

Roland Martin talks to Bishop Victor Couzens of Inspirational Baptist Church, one of the members of the clergy invited to sit in the infamous meeting with Donald Trump.

“If we’re talking about engaging a man that wants to be the President of the free world, you’ve got to give me strategy. He talked about his sentiments about jobs and wanting to bring them back to America. But I didn’t leave out of the meeting with anything I could stand on,” Cousins said.

What happened when members of the clergy asked him about supporting blacks?

“There was no response from Trump, Omarosa was the one that stepped in and said that he didn’t have to apologize because he’s built playgrounds in Compton.”

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  1. Deborah Candler - December 6, 2015 6:43 pm

    Trump is a waste of time, he has his beliefs and he isn’t going to change. I have family just like him in Texas. We joke about how it is like seeing my brother when he speaks.


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